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I am currently in CALGARY!

INCALL LOCATION: I host in the Erin Woods neighborhood. 



I am available for outcalls otherwise all week provided you are completely home alone & your space is clean and suitable for hosting guests.

I offer outcalls in Calgary, Okotoks, Red Deer, Airdrie, Chestermere, Strathmore & other immediate surrounding areas of Calgary for an additional fee determined once I have your address for transportation purposes to and from your location. 

About Me: About Me
W Boudoir 5

Care to take a toke with me? I bet mine are milkier than yours!

But I'm getting ahead of myself! Please, allow me to introduce myself..

My name is Seraphine Scarlett-Rose. I am firstly a quirky, intelligent and witty Criminology and Graphic Design major student currently in her second year but you know me as the rowdy nerdy gamer girl stoner youngster with a passion for everything eccentric and sex-related! 

I am an independent escort based in Calgary, but available by request all over Canada! (Sorry USA gents, you'll have to come to the Great White North to see me!)

I may come off as a veteran in this industry, but believe it or not, I have only been enjoying my time a full-service sex worker for the last 2 years, and I have enjoyed every moment and memory I have made thus far!

I may only be 22 years old, but do not let my age fool you. I have received compliments from multiple of the gentlemen whom I've spent time with that I am wise beyond my years and that my conversation skills are a force to be reckoned with...

I also am an excellent and empathetic listener, and you can be assured that secrets shared with me and things said in confidence during our dates are always kept between us.

With the whine of my hips and my passion for cooking lovely exotic meals and having cultural backgrounds originating in Jamaica, and stretching far into Asia to the island once known as “Formosa” (Taiwan),  I am truly a diamond in the rough when it comes to embracing myself, my origins and my extremely hedonistic nature!

I'm a very LOW-VOLUME provider (unless you wish me to be louder...), and I'm extremely picky with the gentlemen I see. I believe first impressions speak a lot on a clients behavior before they come to meet me, and unwillingness to comply, laziness, and down-right rudeness are some of the biggest reasons why I turn down 70-80% of inquiries that contact me. So with that, I ask you to read thoroughly through my website, so there are no surprises for you! I am also known to come across as cold and strict when booking, but I believe my kindness is only reserved for individuals who can TRULY respect me, and my business.

About Me: Bio 2

Gentlemen who were once nervous upon entering my doors or meeting me elsewhere instantly felt relaxed and welcomed with my warm smile and kind heart. But why hear it from me? See what one gentleman said about his experience with me with your very own eyes:

About Me: Review

With my perspective in life, my world travels, my deep love for dance & music and my keen interest in gaming and technology, my conversation topics know no bounds and it is truly effortless for me when it comes to connecting and relating with you.

While you may be looking at my curvaceous and sexy figure, I assure you that my looks will not be the only thing you are attracted to. I consider my mind my most attractive asset. In any capacity, I truly differ from the rest! Why don't you let me show you how...

About Me: Bio 3
W Boudoir 9.png

Introducing Seraphine Scarlett-Rose

About Me: Welcome

A Technical Look at Me

  • I am around 5'7" tall with a curvaceous slim thick figure

  • I weigh 140 lbs/63kg

  • My breasts are 34D and everything about me is all natural!

  • My dark brown eyes will surely warm you up from the inside out

  • My smile is totally enough to turn your frown upside down!

  • A few B&W tattoos sprinkled about on my arms and a couple on my legs

  • I have my ears, belly button, nostril, septum pierced. I am also pierced for y(our) pleasure! (VCH piercing)

    If you are interested in my specific measurements, please see below!

    🍒 Bust: 36 inches

    🍓 Waist: 28 inches

    🍑 Hips: 40 inches

👠Shoe Size: 9 1/2-10 US (Pleasers Heel Size: Size 9 US, Please be sure to include a gift receipt in case something doesn't fit. Thank you!)

About Me: Stats

Follow me on my Streaming Sites!

I will be streaming onto Twitch (SFW) and (NSFW) soon! Click the links below to be redirected to my profiles! Don't forget to follow & turn on notifications so you know when I go live!

About Me: Image

The Fun Stuff!





W Boudoir 10.png


Things I like to do in my spare time!

  • Swimming

  • Dancing

  • Gaming

  • Streaming

  • Painting

  • Singing

  • Travelling

Things I'm interested in!

  • Cannabis & the Cannabis Industry

  • Video Games & Technology

  • Memes (of all kinds)

  • Cats

  • Travel & Destinations to Visit

  • BDSM Protocol & Female Domination

Things I want to accomplish!

  • Buy my own home

  • Buy my own car
  • Give my mom her dream retirement
  • Obtain my Degree
  • Create generational wealth for my family to come
About Me: My Work

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About Me: HTML Embed
About Me: HTML Embed
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