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Booking Info: Where in the World is Seraphine?

Where in the World is Seraphine?

I'm glad you asked! I’m currently based in Calgary, Alberta, however I tour Canada and Canada ONLY! Please check the VERY TOP of my home page for up-to-date information on my availability & where exactly I am located when you may be inquiring to meet me. 

My incall is located near Foothills neighborhood, and is lovely for hosting sessions. 


I highly suggest booking quickly and efficiently, as I am selective with my clients, and my availability gets taken quicker than most as I prefer longer appointments. I am extremely selective with my clientele because I am a NEURODIVERGENT low volume provider, and my social battery differs from most.


If booking a same day adventure with me, please note that I need at least 1 hour notice to get ready for an appointment. I’m also available for early morning meetings (6 AM to 11 AM), however PLEASE give me at least 6-12 hours notice so I can be well rested for you. 

I know you’re visiting my site right now for a reason (you wouldn’t have wandered here otherwise 😉), so get over the nerves and let’s book a date!

Although my ads may not be bumped or marked as available, I may be able to oblige to your appointment request! Ads are expensive and I don’t always have them on Page One. Please be sure to read my hours above BEFORE messaging, as if you text past my cut off time, chances are I’m asleep. Don’t ring off my phone at 5 am in the morning when I stopped seeing clients at 3 am. See another provider who IS awake please! I know your mommy taught you manners (but I can re-teach you them through verbal evisceration in necessary!)

Please be sure to read my Donation page for pricing packages, my Services & Restriction page to see what I offer and my Deposit page for information on how to solidify your booking with me. When messaging, please introduce yourself with your Name, Age and Ethnicity, any review board handles you have followed by your ideal date & time for meeting and the length of time you are looking for to get the quickest reply back. 

Thank you!

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Booking Message Template

Hi Seraphine Scarlett-Rose, I saw you on (Platform you found me on, eg LL, Tryst, CAF, PERB etc). My name is (Your Name) , I am (XX Age) and I am (XX Ethnicity).

I am hoping to see you on (Date & Time) for the duration of (Meeting Time) in (XX City). My review board handles are (Your handles here).

(Please feel free to include reference information here, or any other important details I need to know about for our time together in this initial message as well, as it shows some personality on your behalf, and is your FIRST IMPRESSION, so make it count!)

Not sure how to start off with me? Copy paste the message above into your desired method of contact with me and fill in the bracketed details! Just don't leave them empty...I'm pretty sure it's obvious you need to fill in the blanks!

Booking Info: Text
Booking Info: How to Book

To further elaborate on the above, if you have any review board handles, or a Twitter account if you found me there, and I mean any, please also include this in your introduction text to me! You will be required to PM me on said platform to prove it is you speaking with me. If you've also seen any reputable providers, and have her EXPLICIT PERMISSION to do so, please include her contact information & board handles so that I may cross verify with her that you are a respectful client!

By contacting me this way, I will be able to sift through the many unwanted messages and time wasters that I get messaging me on a daily basis, and find those diamonds in the rough who truly wish to meet with me!

For those who may not be able to send a text message, I also offer a encrypted email address where I can receive your booking inquiries without worry of my emails being intercepted, however you will be required to include a valid phone number (NOT a text app) in your introductory email to me for screening purposes.

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