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A Gentle Reminder

Due at the beginning of our time together, please place the donation in clear sight upon arrival in an unsealed envelope, placed visibly on a counter or table for me or placed discreetly in a gift bag or card and handed to me upon arrival if we are meeting in public and should not need to be inquired about.

Please be courteous and ask if you may extend your time with me rather than overstaying as I may not be able to accommodate you due to the fact that I share my incall with other reputable ladies in the industry. But if I am, please ensure you have the correct donation ready for me, as our time won't continue until I have received it.

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Professional Female Domination

Does having Me above you commanding the attention & power I rightfully deserve give you more of a turn-on than My vanilla services?

WARNING: Not for the extremely vanilla individual; as this website delves into My more sadistic, yet sensual desires.

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Filming Add-On

+$100 extra add-on

Want to record our session together? I now offer filming for my clients as an add on, AT MY DISCRETION! There is no required amount of time needed to book to film, and you can choose to keep the content to yourself, or you may grant me permission to upload the video to my Onlyfans! If you’d like to keep the memories of your session with me, please read below, as there are important details to take note of if you are interested in adding on this to our meeting.

  • You


    be 21+. No negotiations. I don't feel comfortable filming anyone under that age.

  • You will need to provide a piece of valid Photo ID once you arrive for your session, and must be willing to be photographed holding said ID for my personal records and for legal reasons. I need to be able to prove the footage is with adults, as per my lawyers advice. 

  • You will need to sign a Performer Consent & Release Agreement, even if you decide that your content will not be published. Signing this document legally protects me, and displays that you have agreed to be recorded by me and that you’ve done it of your own free will. It also means that you understand the nature of the Content being produced as well as the nature of the Sites it will be uploaded to (if you consent to this) and that you consent to appear fully, partially or non-nude and/or actively participating or not in the sexual acts. Signing this document also means that you acknowledge that you are solely responsible for the nature of the Content you decided to participate in and that you are solely responsible to bear all risks associated with your participation in the content.

  • There is an approximate 1-2 week turnaround for your video so that edits, watermarks etc. may be added before the media is distributed to you.

  • I, Seraphine Scarlett-Rose, possess final creative control over all final videos. If you wish to request any changes, there will be a $50 editing fee, should I decide to make the change.

  • I, Seraphine Scarlett-Rose, own all footage filmed during our Session. You, as the Client, do not have any claim to copyright, patent, or other ownership of the videos. You may NOT post the videos on ANYWHERE including, but not limited to; OnlyFans, Pornhub, Twitter, Instagram, social forums, adult porn sites etc. Videos posted to any online media platforms that are not posted by myself, the Uploader, will be reported to the site and removed and legal action will be taken against the Client. 

  • Your footage will be released to you by Onlyfans messaging, and you will receive a code word via text/email at the end of your session to message me over Onlyfans to receive your content.


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FMTY (Fly Me to You)

FMTY Fine Print

Due to the nature of this engagement, a proper screening procedure will be conducted requiring a piece of Valid Government ID & at least 2 (two) references from reputable providers you have seen within the last 4 months who may vouch on your behalf. Please ensure you contact the provider before making your booking inquiry to ensure they are willing to be a reference for you so they are aware and expecting my email as I DO CHECK YOUR REFERENCES!

I do not have a specific FMTY rate, but rather a minimum booking time. In order to book me for a FMTY in your city, I require you simply to book an amount of time with me (no minimum, donation amounts are at the top of this page), and sponsor both my round-trip airfare (2 days in your city) and one night of accomodations.


Once dates and length of session are provided to me, I will provide to you a quote of the cost to book my flights and one night of accomodation based on current market prices. Once you have received the quote, you will then be required to send the quoted amount for flights & accomodations + your 50% deposit for your session.

Once your payment has been received from me, I will then book the flights & accomodations myself, and final details will be communicated as well.

For FMTYs within Canada, but First Class is always appreciated, but Premium Economy is my standard for flying for ensured comfort.  I ask that instead of my suitors booking my flights for me, they send me the appropriate amount so that I may have control over my flight plans, or send me a gift card to a mutually agreed upon airline.

To maintain my hygiene, keep up with my beauty regimen, check in with family and friends, and maintain my business, I require 2 hours of private time for any engagements 8 hours or longer. In addition to this, when booking me for an overnight engagement, please note that I need at least 8 hours of UNINTERRUPTED SLEEP. Failure to abide by this will result in a very cranky Seraphine, and trust me, both you and I do NOT want to see or hear that ;)

All of the above information is NON-NEGOTIABLE to book me for a FMTY in your city. Thanks for reading!

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