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Have we had the pleasure of meeting? Whether brief or a multitude of hours, I appreciate respectful reviews from those whom I have seen. I ask that you only leave reviews on boards that I am active on, and those would include:


Any reviews from other sites are not to be trusted as a credible experience with me.

If you do not have an account on any of the aforementioned review boards, fret not! Please feel free to leave me a private testimony in the privacy of your preferred contact method with me and I will ensure that it is posted to my website promptly.

In your review, I ask that you leave super explicit details out. I believe that our time together is a unique experience and not *everything* we do should be discussed for all... don't you agree?

*Click on any review from a review board; it should take you directly to the review! (Private Testimonies won't be clickable)*

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TO BOOK A SESSION IN CALGARY WITH ME, A $100 DEPOSIT IS REQUIRED. NO EXCEPTIONS. All of the gentlemen above paid one, and all have had stellar things to say about me. I run my own business, and deserve peace of mind when booking you in. 

Please Read Below:

In your vanilla life, there may have been times where you needed to pay a deposit to hold an appointment with a tattoo artist or even a hair stylist to keep your appointment in place and protects them against a no-show appointment in most cases and still compensates them for the time it took to get supplies and set up if you don't end up making your appointment. So why shouldn't that be the case for a reputable escort?

​For the long time that I have been working in this industry, I have maintained stellar reviews from previous clientele and a positive online presence. Therefore, a deposit should not make you hesitant to see me.

Since I've been in the industry for over 2 years now, I am finally increasing my deposits. For same day appointments in my home city, Edmonton, or a same day date on tour, you will need to send me a $100 deposit to reserve your spot with me. This deposit is to ensure I am paid in the event you decide to cancel, and I'm not able to fill your appointment on short notice. Last minute cancellations hurt any business, and I deserve to be compensated if you don't make your appointment.

All deposits going forward must now be made with E-Transfer for screening purposes as well, as it allows me to have real world information on you to ensure you are not a blacklisted client. 

I make an effort to ensure that all of my social media is up to date with photos of myself. I take time out of my day to schedule in meets into my student schedule, and in the past have had no-shows that could have been used as useful study time had they given prior notice.  I also ave other endeavours I am pursing, and I want to know you're not wasting my time.

As a respected companion in Alberta, a deposit of $100 isn’t outrageous to ask considering I have maintained an excellent status of service over the last 2 years, and in the case that you don’t show up, I’m compensated for my time, gas and efforts to set up an arrangement with you. 

Nowadays, flights, accommodations and transportation while touring is very expensive, and going to a city with no guarantees of clients can put providers such as myself in a deficit rather than being in profit. If I am visiting your city or a city near you and you’re interested in booking, please note that your deposit will also be 50% of the total in order for me to be able to properly cover travelling expenses to meet you! 

A deposit towards your booking shows you are serious and committed to our date and provides me a sense of security.

If for whatever reason I cannot make our appointment after sending a deposit, please know that your deposit will be returned to you within 72 hours of me notifying the cancellation of our meet. If you are to cancel, you forfeit your deposit as I take time of of my personal life to see clients, and without ample notice, I may have been able to work another one of my jobs, or go out with my friends & family. If you are sending a deposit for a tour, and it is cancelled by you, the client, you will receive a 25% refund of your 50% initial deposit. Note that all of my deposit returns are processed through PayPal for my privacy purposes, as sending an E-Transfer back would reveal my legal name. Airbnb booking fees for incalls are non-refundable as they are used to book accommodations. 

I understand there is an influx of scammers on the sites we use to post on, and those people have made it more difficult for prospective clients to trust real providers who require deposits for appointments. It seems the typical scam is that they ask for a deposit, then block the client and never show up or never share an address, or repeatedly ask for a deposit, or the whole donation upfront, then block them or even a potentially worse situation happening.

I would personally like to say that I treasure the time I spend with my clients, and that your deposit shows a sign of respect for me and my business. I anticipate every meet with the thought that a brand new experience is about to take place, and would rather see you in person than block you and take the amount of money trusted to me for a deposit and ruin my reputation as a kind and loving young woman that my base city Calgary and surrounding Canadian cities has come to love.  

If you can't make a deposit or screen & provide references, that shows me you are not serious and you don't respect me or my business, so let's not waste each others time. I would encourage you to find a provider who doesn't require them if you are going to try and negotiate your way out of it.

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